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Mirto Outdoor

A classic is born. It expresses Antonio Citterio’s stable elegance. We can tell who created it merely by observing. A chaise lounge with adjustable back and a folding small armchair were the first steps of Mirto collection that today is improved with two types of seats (small armchair and a dining chair) matching properly the colours of mesh and metal frame, a dining table available in three sizes and a small table. The first piece starts with a die-cast aluminium bridge-like frame: a sign where proportions and thicknesses count. Instead of wheels, it has two small and very discreet rollers that allow it to move, placed on one of the two crosspieces. The folding small armchair is the result of a design development starting from the classic “film-director chair” typology and giving attention to details and quality where the innovation has been the milestone of the product development. The introduction of seats, dining tables and small table makes Mirto a complete outdoor furniture collection. The mesh and metal parts are finished in two colours, white and tortora. For furnishings of a single colour or with contrasting profiles. Qualität.

Mirto Outdoor

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